Sunday, March 18, 2018

Camp Menu

My learning focus was to design my own camp menu with one of my friends which was a task set by our teacher.

Hi my is Maihi and this is a camp menu that me and my friend did. Our teacher said that we had $1,200 and there was 50 kids and 5 preschoolers  and 20 adults and we had do make a menu for three days to feed all the people so w had to plan breakfast,morning tea,lunch,after noon tea,dinner and desert.

Surfing In Matauri Bay

My learning was to write about  surf school at Matauri Bay

Hi my name is Maihi and I have written about our surfing school at Matauri Bay. It was a challenging task but I had so much fun surfing the waves with all of my friends. The bit I didn't like was getting rashes from the surf board and it was really sore so make sure you wear a wet suit when you surf.

treaty of waitangi

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chokuto Blades

My research was about Samurai weapons and this is a snippet from it. I am also researching how the Chokuto evolved into a Katana. My goals are to finish more of my work and present it more often. If you have any hints or information that will help with my research I would love it if you made a comment below.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Olympics

     i am learning about the beginning of the Olympic games.I had to research on some sites   The Olympics
They use to put olive oil on there skin and sand to protect their skin from the sun  and after they
finished the  athletics they used  a  strigil  to get off the sand and the olive oil. Their award was an olive crown.There are five Olympic rings in five colours (plus the white background) and they look like this: It's generally known that the five interlocking rings represent the five continents of the world (the Americas are considered as one, North and South, along with Europe,Asia, Africa and Australia.

Image result for the five olympics rings

Monday, April 3, 2017

weetbix tryathlon

                             Maihi competed in the weetbix tryathlon in the bay of islands. he was so nervous and his parents were so proud of him and i got a medal for completing hope you like it.